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Acts Of Betrayal

by Levita Y. Crumble

One Woman's Life Journey to Discovery.



Acts of Betrayal is a book based loosely on the life of the author. In this semi-autobiography, the author shares her journey through life and the lessons learned along the way. Life is full of twists and turns and many never grasp the essence of what these upheavals mean. The Acts of Betrayal are simply the actions and decisions we make in our lives that do more damage to ourselves than others ever could. You have the power to reach your God given destiny. It was given to you to fulfill and not anyone else. Take the reins of your life, grab them with both hands, hold on tight and command it to fall in line with the Word of God, which will propel you into the purpose for which you were created. Above all else, stop participating in the "Acts of Betrayal!"

Acts Of Betrayal (Physical Book not available.)



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