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What Really Happens Behind The Church Doors

by Pastor Willie D. Brown

A book about a young Pastor authored by Pastor Willie D. Brown.



     This book shares a young Pastor's true life story, with dynamic depth and detail of an all-inclusive "tell all" of the joys and jolts of a Joseph journey which precedes Divine ordained destiny. Under standing the Full Story of what "really" happens behind the Church doors means addressing the reality and spirituality contained in the total pack age. In your reading of "What Really Happens Behind the Church Doors," you will discover in-depth, those things not seen on the surface and only revealed behind the scenes. This book reveals the whole truth and nothing but the unedited truth. As a Pastor or Senior organizational leader, just as Jesus himself experienced during His own earthly journey, every God ordained destiny is preceded by a dark hour moment. Behind those doors, expect to experience Deliverance but also expect to encounter Delilahs. Our lives must be lined with a prayer path of persistently praying to the point whereas we flee flesh and become a Joseph example, leaving our shirt, and not a David disappointment, looking and lusting into a devastating dilemma that ultimately results in death and doom. Also, in providing leadership which connects responsibility with accountability, prepare for departures from persons who would rather leave than be led and even pass on positive participation if not afforded key positions. Ministry is indeed tough but when laced and lined with integrity, you will be rewarded with Favor for your Faithfulness. You'll never find another book that goes INSIDE out and flows from start to finish. Prepare for a Flight you'll never forget as this Pastor/Playwright paints the picture of providence pouring into your Destiny residence unlike anything our Planet has ever witnessed to date.

What Really Happens Behind Church Doors (Physical book not available.)



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