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Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey

by Pastor Willie D. Brown

A book about the journey of a man from childhood to adulthood as a preacher authored by Pastor Willie D. Brown.



     In this second book authored by Pastor Willie D. Brown, readers will discover it's not where you begin in life, but what you can become at life, when you dismiss dismal declarations about your possibility from people and exercise faith as the focal factor for your future. When you come from one of the most impoverished communities in the country, many times failure is expected. The question toward expectation is not "if", it's sadly and simply "when." In your reading of "Wouldn't Take Nothing for my Journey," you will discover that even when surrounded by skeptics and cynics, remember that the statisticians only "predict" but you ultimately "produce" the end results. Never allow your skeptics to sabotage your success with their stereotypical, saturated predictions. Things may not be good initially, but if press forward, past the predictions of people, it will ultimately work out for your good.

Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey (Physical book not available.)



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